Make Money Online

One of the quickest ways to making money online is to find a product that is desirable and has already been created. Offering Software as a Service (SAAS) is a great way to make money online plus it gives you a chance to build a viable and scalable business.

Monthly Income

Starting a business selling products is basically fruitless because you are always trying to generate that next sale trying to substain an income flow. SAAS is similar but you are selling a useful service on a monthly subscription. Therefore you enjoy the sale month after month!

Reseller Licenses

We created our call tracking software and thousands of businesses love it! We realize we cannot reach 100% of the business that will benefit from our software so we created our reseller program. You are able to purchase a business license and start your own business!

White Labeling

You can buy your own domain name, build your site out and have your customers login at your own domain. Your customers will never know that they are using the RingIQ system because the login page and the system will have your business name, logo and all notifications are from you!

The Call Tracking Software by RingIQ
Helping Businesses Solve Problems!

Most business owners advertise but they have a HUGE problem! Bottom line, they are not sure if their advertising money is producing results or more importantly NET PROFIT. Business owners can do online (Google, Facebook, Yelp etc.) or offline (Yellowpages, Magazines, Newspaper, Billboards, etc) advertising but at the end of the day, week, month, quarter or year they are not 'really sure' what brought them business. You are going to solve this problem for them!

Your company will be offering these business owners a simple solution that will solve their advertising problems and most importantly SAVE THEM MONEY! The best thing is.... When they start seeing the benefits of your service, they will realize that your service is not an 'expense' it's actually saving them money in several ways! The retention rate for thousands of businesses using the RINGIQ Call Tracking services are very high! Businesses that have their advertising finely tuned will still stick with you because they are using YOUR call tracking numbers on their ads AND they love the reporting section which saves them time and money! Instead of having an employee spend an entire day compiling advertising results ($100-$500/day) they can email, print or save results in seconds!

The End of Your Service?
Not a Chance! You Have More to Offer!

Did you know....There many businesses that do not care so much about their advertising expenditures. They do however have call routing problems. Whether they are "Joe's Lawn Mowing Service' or a large cooperation, you can help them both! Joe most likely posts his cell phone in Facebook marketplace and other places to get calls. Imagine "Joe" mowing your lawn and his cell phone rings/vibrates..... He either missed a call, has a voicemail or had to shut everything down to take the call. With RingIQ (your system) the call also rings his stay at home wife or other employees Joe specifies.... Starting to see the benefit?

Your business owners will have their own dashboard where they can login. They are able to control all aspects of their campaigns, tracking, routing and run reports.

Company Admin Panel

Companies can login to their account via any computer or cell phone. The clean and easy to navigate admin panel makes it easy for your companies to quickly and easily manage their campaign tracking.

Campaigns Management

Companies can add their campaigns and assign a tracking number to each campaign. This is also where the specify call routing instructions, add employees, greeting and voicemail.


Call Routing

Companies under your license can add an unlimited amount of employees to their account. These employees can receive calls or access the system if permitted.


Your companies are able to generate detailed reports to see their best or worst performing campaigns, by employee, call volume, cost per call, missed calls or by results. Reports can be emailed, printed or saved.

Your Personal White Label Software Admin Area

When you subscribe to one of our reseller plans you will be permitted to sign up the specified allotment of companies under your white label account. Inside your account you will be able to manage all aspects of your business which includes; your own advertising campaigns, the plans and pricing you offer companies, support tickets and much more.

Your Admin Area

Inside your admin area you are able to control all features needed to run successful business.

  • Create Your Subscription Plans & Pricing
  • Create Additional Minute Plans & Pricing
  • Create Coupon Codes for Each Plan
  • Manage Your Campaigns (for getting new companies)
  • Route Your Campaign Calls
  • Answer Calls via Your Web Phone
  • Run Reports for Your Campaigns
  • Send RingIQ a Support Ticket
  • Receive Support Tickets from Your Companies

Plus... Much More! Ready to get started?


A Company You Can Scale Quickly

Offering a product to businesses that can solve problems, help them save money and eliminate headaches is a great business model! Additionally, this is a business you can grow! Each time a new business signs up, that is one more subscription that is automatically paid to you each month. Your businesses pay you directly and communicate with only you!

I don't advertise but I have grown my business to about $3300 net per month in a little over 5 months. I just talk to biz owners during normal conversations.
Jessica M.
Once business owners understand what I'm offering they can't wait to sign up! Thank you RingIQ for giving me a chance to have my own business AND life!
Todd C.
You guys rock! Over $100k a year now and still growing. I never imagined earning this kind of money as a single mom! I have a business I absolutely love!!!
Ann Y.

What You Need and Who is This For?

This will give you an idea of everything that is essential to building your own call tracking service using the RingIQ software. Basically, you will need a website showing your plans, a Twilio account, a PayPal and/or Stripe account to receive payments from companies and a way (pc, laptop, smart device) to handle any support tickets from your companies.

Business Tools Needed

  • Domain Name ($8-$12/year)
  • Webhosting ($5-$10/month)
  • PayPal and/or Stripe Account
  • RingIQ License Subscription
  • Twilio Account
  • PC, Laptop or Smart Device
RingIQ Gives You the Tools to Make Money Online

Perfect Business For

  • Stay at Home Moms/Dads
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Side Gig
  • People with Disabilities
  • Creating Passive Income
  • Anyone Wanting More Income

View License Plans

Your Business Expense Breakdown

This will give you an idea of the basic expenses required to operate your business.

Domain Name

Price Varies Across Providers:
Typically Costs $8-$12 per year.

NOTE: You will need your own website so you need to purchase your own business type domain name (i.e. This is where the you will send businesses that want to subscribe to your service.

Business Name

Web Hosting

Price Varies Across Providers
Typically Costs $5-$10 per Month.

NOTE: You will need web hosting (a rented server) to host your website.

Web Hosting

PayPal and/or Stripe

You Will Be Charged Each Time a Business Pays You.
i.e. Paypal Charges $0.30 per transaction plus 2.9% of the amount paid.

NOTE: This is how you will receive money from businesses using your service. Payments are set up to be recurring so you will always get paid on time.

Accept Online Payments

RingIQ Subscription

Different Plans are Available so the Price Varies

NOTE: This is your call tracking, routing and reporting software service that you offer to businesses. Our team maintains and updates the software for you so all you have to do is sign up new businesses under your license.
For more details about license plans go to the Reseller Plans to learn more.

Business License

Twilio Account

Twilio is Your Phone Number Provider and Pricing is as Follows:
Local Numbers: $1 per month.
Toll Free Numbers: $2 per month
Minute Usage: About $0.02 per minute.

NOTE: Twilio will bill your account base on how many phone numbers you have and how much usage you have acquired for the month.

Twilio Account
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