About the RingIQ Team

RingIQ is a world leading call tracking and routing software that was initially built by online and offline marketers to be used in our day to day marketing campaigns. Members of our team has literally spent 10's of millions of dollars in various forms of online and offline advertising and somehow we all came together in a 'mastermind group' (if you will) and knew we had to figure out a way to better monetize our ad spend. As marketers a few of our biggest obstacles was tracking our advertising performance, routing our calls correctly and analyzing our campaign performance on a mass scale. We have used other "competitors" which is the primary reason we built our own system! We are NEVER satisfied with our current system and are continually adding new and more advanced features.

Listening & Implementing Changes Works!

RingIQ has now evolved into an easy to use software platform that was inspired by our years of experience and input from business owners. We have always been open minded about how we can improve and now we proudly say that "Our Software was Built by Users". With new ideas from business owners and our talented programming team our software is now known as one of the most trusted and recommended systems on the market.

Transparency and Reporting

As experienced marketers we saw huge discrepancies over the years in what various advertising platforms report and what was actually 'real results'. Therefore, our system provides you with real and transparent data about your advertising expenditures. You can definitely use our system with all of your advertising campaigns but in all reality.... If our system shows you got a call, you actually did! The RingIQ system provides you with detailed call tracking metrics in the reporting area that gives you 100% transparency into how well your marketing efforts are performing. RingIQ was built to help you easily filter through productive and non-productive advertising campaigns. We are here to save you money!

Prompt Support

Most of our customers sign up, enter their company information and implement it without issues. We have designed our system to be easy to use and every screen in your account has a short over the shoulder tutorial video. But, if you still need support we are only a click or call away! Our team is always here to help you with every aspect of setting up your call tracking and/or routing goals.

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